Wine tourism in Portugal

With fantastic beaches, stunning mountains and buzzing cities, Portugal is a spectacular country to visit. For wine lovers, it gets even better. Portugal’s fourteen wine regions are set among stunning and varied scenery. From the Azores islands, to the green hills of the Vinho Verde, there is something for everyone. Wine tourism is becoming more and more popular in Portugal as foodies discover this rich land and its fantastic, warm people.

Wine Tours

wine-1134563_960_720Organised wine tours are available in a number of guises, from half days tours to trips lasting over a week.

  • Half day experiences offer tourists the chance to see behind the scenes. Guided cellar tours, historic experiences and vineyard visits can all be enjoyed for a reasonable price that typically includes a tasting session.
  • Full day tours around various vineyards and estates in a particular region are another great choice. Other options include a wine history tour of Porto, including a river cruise and a trip to the famous wine cellars. Lunch a
    nd tastings are typically provided.
  • Two or three day hiking trips through wine regions, stopping off at various estates and enjoying several tastings are extremely popular. Other tours will visit various regions by car, coach or even boat. Douro is a popular region with trips lasting several days, complete with a relaxing river cruise.
  • Even longer trips can last over a week and will take in several regions, visited at a slower pace. These can generally be tailored to your needs. Whether you enjoying hiking, or would rather take a more relaxing trip, there is an option to suit everyone. The Alentejo region, steeped in history and with a rich culture, is worth spending at least a week in. Try a wide variety of wine and feel at one with this stunning land!

Do It Yourself

Guided tours make it easy to visit several different vineyards and regions, but of course they can be done alone. A fantastic road trip can take in many of the greatest wine regions in the country. You’ll be free to choose exactly where you go and what you see.

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