Three Alternative Wine Nights in

Drinking good wine in good company, in the comfort of your own home is a great experience. But after a time, you m
ay feel as if you’d like to spice up these wine nights in. Here are three fantastic alternative ways to spend a night in with a bottle of wine or two.

Portuguese Night

wine-tasting-tips-650x406Recreate the wonders of Portugal in your own home. If the weather is good, then all the better, strike up the BBQ and invite some good friends! First of all you will need a selection of fantastic Portuguese wines and perhaps some fortified wines as well. Create classic Portuguese dishes, such as the delightful “Alentejo Pork with Clams” or a sumptuous “Portuguese Seafood Stew”. For dessert, the classic “Sericaia” is always a good choice. Or balance a nice Ruby Port with rich, chocolaty Brigadeiro cupcakes. If you’d rather keep things simple, prepare a Portuguese Charcuterie board, complete with cured hams, spiced sausages and Portuguese cheeses. With the food and drink sorted, turn up the traditional Portuguese music and enjoy.

Casino Night

If you’ve ever visited Portugal, chances are you’ve seen some of the many casinos springing up in the country. These classy joints are a great way to spend an evening doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Recreate a night at the casino at home. Games such as Roulette and Blackjack are easy to set up and for the experienced, a poker night is a lot of fun. Sipping great quality wine or Tawny Port while maintaining your poker face adds to the experience.

Wines of the World tasting night

For a fun take on the traditional wine tasting evening, invite your friends to represent a wine producing country from anywhere in the world. Everyone must bring a wine that defines a single country. To take it a step further, invite guests to wear traditional clothes and put on an accent for the night.

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