Portuguese Rosé and Sparkling Wines

Rosé Wines

525px-Rose_wine_There’s no particular region in Portugal that is renowned for producing Rosé wines. Indeed, most red grape varieties grown in the country are used to make Rosé. Coastal regions and cooler, high altitude regions are said to make the best, as the grapes are higher in acidity. The majority of Portuguese Rosés are crisp, dry and incredibly refreshing. They are very easy to drink, with just a subtle fruity sweetness to counter the over riding dryness. Lower in alcohol than most reds, they’re frequently enjoyed at beach-front bars. They work very well with lighter foods such as salads and seafood.

  • Casal Mendes Rose (Barriada): Fairly easy going at 10.5%, this stunning rose is packed full of strawberry and raspberry flavours. It’s an excellent wine for a BBQ.
  • Carmim Monsaraz Rose (Alentejo): With an intense fruit aroma and a fresh taste this is a delicious wine that works well with white meats and salads. It can be consumed straight away or aged for a year or two.

Sparkling Wines

Most of these are produced in the cooler, high altitude regions in the north of the country. The grapes grown in such areas are more acidic and work best for sparkling wine. The Bairrada region produces particularly good sparkling wines. Red, white and Rosé versions are available. Acidic and slightly sweet, Portuguese sparkling wines are suitable for any special occasion. They work well with seafood and fish, as well as light salads.

  • Sao Domingos Medium Dry Sparkling wine: This sparkling white has a beautiful floral aroma and a crisp, delicate taste. It is an excellent companion to desserts and should be consumed within eight months.
  • Aliança Reserva Tinto Bruto Sparkling Wine: A fruity red that is rich and delicious, with black cherry notes. It’s versatile and works with an array of foods, from grilled sardines to dark chocolate desserts.
  • Sao Domingos Rosé Brut Sparkling wine: A fantastic, fruity rosé with a creamy mouthfeel. Raspberries and strawberries, with a hint of acidity make this a sumptuous wine. It matches salmon dishes perfectly.

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