A Run Down of Portuguese Wine Regions

For a small country, Portugal certainly enjoys a varied climate. From the cooler, hilly regions in the north to the sun bathed south. These varying regions are responsible for creating many different types of excellent wines.

Vineyards_at_Quevedo_Winery,_PortugalVinho Verde

Located in the green hills of the n
orth, this region is rather rainy and cool. White, Rosé and red wines are produced in this region. They’re typically light and refreshing and slightly carbonated.


A high altitude region that experiences icy winters and scorching hot summers. Both red and white wines are produced here.


The birthplace of world-famous Port, this mountainous region now also produces very rich, bold red and white wines.


Another region of extremes, located in the mountains in the north. High acidity grapes are grown and used to produce fantastic sparkling wines.


Enjoying a mild climate and plenty of rainfall, the area produces great sparkling wines. The local red grape Baga can be used to create dense, elegant wines.


Sheltered by the surrounding mountains, harsh sea weather is avoided. Elegant wines that age well are produced.

Beira Interior

Located in the high mountains on the Spanish border this region is famed for excellent white wines.


A large region that runs along the coast and includes the country capital. A great many wines are produced, including some excellent reds.


Steeped in history and tradition, the heart of Portugal has been producing wine for centuries. A wide range of styles are produced to suit every budget and taste. Traditional methods such as foot stamping are still practiced here.

Península de Setúbal

Enjoying hot summers and mild winters, he famous sweet Muscat wines are produced here.


Covering a third of the country, some of the best full bodied wines come from these parts.


Never too hot or cold, this is a fantastic grape-growing region and is becoming increasingly popular.


The three islands enjoy a mild, moist climate and mostly produce non native grape species. Musky, fragrant wines are produced here – vinho de cheiro.


Famed for its popular fortified wine.

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