A Quick Guide to Portuguese Red Wines

Portugal is famous for its excellent red wines that are enjoyed worldwide. The lay of the land and the differing climates are responsible for the great variety of Portuguese reds.

Light and Fruity640px-Port_wine

Despite the name, the Vinho Verde region also produces a fantastic array of tangy red wines. These refreshing and fruity wines are a little stronger, setting at around 11%. They’re deep red in colour and pair well with cold, fatty meats.

  • Casal Garcia Douro Red: With a fruity, floral flavour, this easy going, light wine is great with grilled cod or white meats.

Bold and Full Bodied

Wonderful rich wines are mostly produced in the Alentejo region. The hot climate encourages sweet grapes to grow big. The more expensive options are often oak aged and even richer. These wines demand flavoursome foods such as game and red meat.

  • Carmim Reguengos Red: A mellow wine with a wonderful red fruit aroma and a remarkably smooth texture.

Big and Robust

Wine produced in the Douro Valley often falls into this category. When young, the flavours are big with a fair amount of tannin. This mellows out as they age, creating a softer wine. Aged variations work well with red meats and strong cheeses, while younger wines pair excellently with dark, hearty stews.

  • Caves do Casalinho Romanisco Reserva: This deep, bold wine is packed full of flavour and oak aged for 12 months. Somewhat spicy, with a big, red fruit taste and a long finish. It works well with roasted meat.

Subtle and Elegant

These easy going wines are most frequently produced in high altitude regions such as Dão. The grapes grow and ripen slowly and are often blended to create red wines with a perfumed flavour. They age very well and should not be opened too soon after bottling. The perfect choice for a versatile wine that works with most foods.

  • Quinta da Garrida Reserva Tinto: Aged for 12 months in oak barrels, the aroma is dark fruits with a touch of oak. Smooth and rich with a dry finish.

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